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Place and match 3 or more identical poker chips to earn a more valuable chip, then chain together matches for huge bonuses! Play power-up cards to make combos, extend chains, and maximize your score. The dealer tosses random chips to get in your way, but if you play smart and think ahead, you can turn the tables and use them to your advantage!

Chip Chain features beautiful HD Retina graphics for iPhone 5, iPod Touch, iPad 3G and 4G, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4s. This Universal App also supports iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G and 5G, iPad 1, iPad 2, and iPad mini.

Coming soon for Android phones and tablets!

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  • Place and match chips.  Build the longest chain.
  • Match to earn more valuable chips
  • Play power-up cards at the perfect time
  • Unlock new cards.  Earn powerful upgrades.
  • Play 4 unique modes
  • Earn XP and Gems


  • A challenging combination of match game and strategy game...It's combo-riffic., Mar 8, 2013
  • It's sort of like Triple Town, if it was set in Vegas. Chip Chain's stylish design makes it easy to pick up, but the game's deep mechanics make it hard to master. Even a few hours in, I'm finding new strategies and techniques to try out – just the thing to help me get through the upcoming holiday season with my iPad., Nov 22, 2012
  • "I actually think that its a really lot of fun!" - 9 year old reviewer Jane Frauenfelder Boing Boing - Apps for Kids, Jan 2, 2013
  • The animations and graphics are beautiful, and the game itself is incredibly fun to play...the game stays fun and keeps you interested for a long time., Dec 28, 2012
  • Chip Chain is an addictive little game that’s going to sneak up and surprise a lot of folks. TechOnTheGo, Mar 8, 2013
  • "Please make sure your seat belt is fastened and that all electronic devices are turned off. Especially those playing Chip Chain. I know it's addicting, but it can wait 10 minutes" The Verge, Jan 17, 2013
  • Simple-to-grasp gameplay. Addictive, dynamic modes. Fun twist on familiar conventions. Lots of unlockable content., Nov 30, 2012
  • "Un juego emocionante y con el que vas a entrenar tu mente; ¿Serás el que más larga pueda hacer la cadena?" - Benjamín Segura PortalProgramas (en español), Apr 10, 2014
  • A fresh look, some novel ideas, and a few twists up its sleeve that mean you have to think in ways that your average match-three puzzler can only dream of. Pocket Gamer, Nov 15, 2012
  • "30 best iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone games this week" The Guardian, Nov 16, 2012
  • The daily mode swap and challenge of beating the computer opponent(s) [are] pretty appealing, Mar 10, 2013
  • Chip Chain is a game that feels different, and that is really refreshing. The game has been well polished, the 2D interface is intuitive, and there are plenty of achievements to unlock, and upgrades to purchase in the store with the currency earned in game. Commonection, Apr 24, 2013
  • Match-3 fans, Chip Chain is free and worth your attention, Mar 19, 2013
  • Chip Chain is an excellent pick up. It’s easy to get into and once you do it’s nearly impossible to put down. If you happen to be a fan of the match-three genre, or just enjoy a good bit of strategy, then I can highly recommend you give AppAbove’s Chip Chain a play. RootzWiki, May 28, 2013
  • Chip Chain is really enjoyable and this game boosts up the thinking ability of every player in an extreme manner. NewBestApps, Apr 28, 2013
  • If you are looking for a match-three game that looks fantastic, adds a new twist, and requires a bit of planning ahead and strategy to rack up the most points, then look no further than Chip Chain. AppAdvice, Jan 29, 2013
  • A satisfying core matching game that will keep players glued to their touchscreens for a long time to come. Digital Spy, Nov 20, 2012
  • Chip Chain has finally been released on Google’s Android platform, bringing the incredibly popular matching game to the most popular mobile platform in the world. BriefMobile, Mar 7, 2013
  • A truly original game which is addictive, makes you think and it's also really entertaining. We appreciate the effort into making something different and adding such impressive graphics. appszoom, Apr 2, 2013
  • Daily iPhone App: Chip Chain is a great game, and considering that it's free (there are in-app purchases, but I didn't find them overly invasive at all), it's probably well worth a download no matter what. TUAW, Nov 13, 2012
  • Chip Chain is a great app that's available for free on the App Store right now. It's sort of a puzzle app, and it seems very addictive, but ... well, just watch the video. Then go download the free app -- you might as well, right! TUAW Video Review, Nov 13, 2012
  • Chip Chain offers quite a bit of freely accessible content to players. Instead of locking out game content as a trial or ‘lite’ version, Chip Chain provides the game as a free download The Indie Game Magazine, Apr 12, 2013
  • Chip Chain is basically a match-3 title in which players need to implement strategy to continually match low-value chips to create higher ones in order to score points. Though you might think it’s like poker, it’s actually not. Try it out and let us know what you think., Mar 21, 2013
  • It's fun, addictive, and amazingly enough kept me engaged for hours! IAMA-NETWORK, Dec 1, 2012
  • 15 Android games and apps you should know about Android Guys, Mar 7, 2013
  • Although it may seem like Chip Chain is a variant on matching puzzle games, the game plays more like a strategy board game than a puzzle game. The Gamers' Temple, Dec 3, 2012
  • Playing to the powerful pull of both puzzle solving and card playing, Chip Chain mashes up match-three puzzles with poker aesthetics in an inventive way that's highly addictive, yet accessible to folks who have no clue what a royal flush is..., Nov 30, 2012
  • Top 5 iPhone and iPad Games of the Week - Chip Chain is a clever little puzzler that's easy to pick up, with enough new ideas that it keeps surprising you as you play, and that makes for a novel, entertaining experience AppMyWorld, Nov 28, 2012
  • Chip Chain is one of those ideas that, in hindsight, I’m surprised no one else came up with before. It twists the Match Three genre around and produces a rather entertaining and strategical puzzle game., Nov 9, 2012
  • You'd be better off grabbing Chip Chain to satisfy your chip-and-card urges., Nov 17, 2012
  • It's simple, elegant and full of strategy, especially when you factor in bonus cards that can augment the chips on the board., Nov 7, 2012
  • Chip Chain was fun and addictive, on the same level as Bejeweled or Zuma...It's well crafted, simple and fun, as well as easy to pick up and put down. Casual Gamer Review / Starpulse, Nov 8 2012
  • Finally, a new free-to-play puzzler featuring poker chips finishes off our list...Take a look at the number-matching action of Chip Chain, Nov 8, 2012
  • Chip Chain is a cool and fairly unique puzzler that riffs on the match-three genre by working in strategy. Where you place your own chips and where the results of each chain end up is key to scoring continuous points. You also have cards that let you make changes to the different chips, replacing them with others, or raising their values. Add to this the fact that random chips are added to the board all the time, often blocking up your plans, and you have a game that’s intellectually challenging., Nov 12, 2012

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